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Aislin (Mosher, Terry)

Aitken family (see also HISTORY OF WESTMOUNT – Personal anecdotes, memories)

Aitken, Allan

Stevenson, Sarah

Aitken, Gary

Aitken, Sally

Almond, Paul

Azrieli, Sharon

Bates, Catherine

Beaver Hall Group

Berliner, Herbert S.

Beveridge, Massey W. (on Cenotaph list)

Birks family

Bouchard, Eugénie

Bowman, Charles

Bowser, George

Boyer, Alphonse & Louis

Bronfman famiy (see also HOUSING – 15 Belevedere Rd)

Bulmer family

Caron, Blossom

Carrier, Roch

Casgrain, Thérèse

Clark, Joan Ross (see BIOGRAPHIES – Bulmer family)

Clarke, John & Simon

Cohen, Leonard

Collard, Edgar Andrew

Collip, James Bertram

Collyer, Nora

Davis, Dorothy (see ORGANIZATIONS – Children’s Theatre)


Décarie family

Desjardins, Claire

Drummond, Michael

Dudek, Louis

Duncan, James

Durnford family (see also ARCHITECTS – Durnford, A.T.G.)

Earle, Eleanor (see Wardleworth family)

Fish, Michael

Garneau, Marc

Garneau, Hector de Saint-Denys

Gauthier, Frances

Geoffrion, Louis-Félix Aimé

Gnaedinger family

Gold, Muriel

Goldbloom, Victor

Goodfriend, Mika

Goode family

Goodfriend, Mika

Graham-Browne, William (on Cenotaph list)

Gubbay, Aline

Hallowell, William

Hamilton, R.H. (on Cenotaph list)

Hammonds, David

Harvie, Robert

Hays, Moses Judah

Hobbs, Anthony


Hogg family

Holgate, Edwin

Hollinger, Heidi

Hooff, Sally

Hornyak, Jennifer

Hurtubise family (see also HOUSING – Côte St. Antoine – 561)

Hutchison family

Irving, Colin

Jackson, A. Y. (see also BUSINESSES – West End Gallery)

Jackson, Walter H.

Johnson, J. Seward

Johnson, Ross Eveleigh (on Cenotaph list)

Kahane, Anne

Kertland family

Kertland, Keith K. (on Cenotaph list)

Kelsey, Charles William

Lam, Lily

Larsen, Wayne

Lawley, Douglas

Leith, Linda

Lessard, Pierre

Lighthall, Alice

Lighthall, William (see also MAYORS)

Lighthall/Henderson family

Lindsay, Doreen (see also BIOGRAPHIES – Szilasi, Gabor & family)

London, Mark

Lord, Richard

Low, Colin Archibald

Macaulay family

Maillet, Andrée

Malloch, Katie

Mappin, Judith (see BUSINESSES – Double Hook Books*)

May, Mabel

Mayerovitch, Harry

McGarrigle family

McKenna, Kenneth

McKenty, Neil

Meigs, Mary

Merrett, Brian

Millman, Florence (see BUSINESSES – West End Gallery*)

Molson family

Morrow, “Bill”

Mosher, Terry (see Aislin)

Murray, William (see also HOUSING – Demolished houses – "West Mount")

Newton, Lilias Torrance

Nicholson, David & Diana

Nincheri, Guido M.

Notman, William

Ogilvie, John

Packard, Frank

Paltiel, Sarah

Pelletier, Gérard

Penfield, Wilder

Pepall, Rosalind

Pilot, Robert Wakeham

Poggi, Vincent

Prager, Eva

Price, David

Quinlan, John (see also HOUSING – Demolished apartments & condos – St. Catherine St. W. – “Quinlan”)

Rafman, Jon

Raynes family (see also HOUSING – Demolished houses - "Forden")

Reekie, Robert James

Reid, Eileen

Renaud, Anne

Richler, Mordecai

Roberts, Bruce

Roberts, Goodridge

Robertson, George

Robinson, Antonia

Ross family

Ross, Graeme

Rothman, Claire Holden

Rothman, Joan

Roy, Gabrielle

Saly, Hélène

Sancton, John & family

Saxe, Mary S. (see CITY OF WESTMOUNT – Westmount Public Library – Employees)

Scott, F.R. (Frank)

Scott, Marian Dale

Segal, Ilse

Shaddick, Maggie

Shearer, Norma

Shemie, Bonnie

Sherriff-Scott, Adam

Smith, Ian

Smith, Jori

Soskin, Gabrielle

Stachiewicz, Wanda

Steinhouse, Tobie

Stern, Harry

Surrey, Philip

Szilasi, Gabor & family (see also BIOGRAPHIES – Lindsay, Doreen)

Taddeo, Donat

Taylor, Charles

Timmins family

Travis, Debbie

Velan family

Ward family (see also MAYORS – Ward, J. K.)

Wardleworth family (see also HOUSING – Côte St. Antoine – “Metcalfe Terrace”)

Wedge, Don

Weintraub, William

Whitley, Barbara

Wolff family

Wright, James

Young, John



Western Ave. Bridge (demolished)



Armouries (See also MILITARY; WAR)

Atwater – 1100

Avenue Theatre (demolished)


Claremont – 500 (former Hebrew Orphans’ Home & Congrégation de la Fraternité Sacerdotale building) (see also HOUSING – Apartments & Condos – Claremont – 500)

De Maisonneuve W. – 4898, Various

Dorchester – 4216

Greene – 1363-1376

Montreal Arena/Westmount Arena (burned 1918)

Mother House – (see RELIGIOUS ORDERS – Congrégation de Notre-Dame; see also SCHOOLS – Dawson College)

Protestant Deaf Mute Building

St. Catherine St. W. – 4014-4022, 4024-4032, 4094-4104, 4114, 4192, 4201-4215, 4606

Seniors/Social Services Residences

Belvedere Residence

Château Westmount

Manoir Westmount

Place Kensington

St. Margaret's Home

Victoria – 357-361

Westmount Post Office (“Old Post Office” corner Greene)

Westmount Municipal Buildings


Victoria Hall

Westmount Arena (demolished 2012)

Westmount City Hall

Westmount Fire Stations

Westmount Flower Conservatory (Greenhouse)

Westmount Gallery at Victoria Hall

Westmount Lawn Bowling Clubhouse

Westmount Police Stations

Westmount Power Company (today’s Hydro Westmount)

Westmount Public Library (see also CITY OF WESTMOUNT – Westmount Public Library)

Westmount Recreation Centre (WRC) (2013)

Westmount Train Station (closed early 1980s) – General

Westmount Train Station (closed early 1980s) – Personal memories

York – 35



General – Greene Avenue

General – Sherbrooke St. W.

General – St. Catherine St. W.

General – Victoria Ave.

Appetite for Books

Biltcliffe Department Store*

Campbell Gallery & Fine Art Framers

Chatfield's Grocery Store*

Les 5 (Cinq) Saisons

Coffee Gourmet*

Dionne & Dionne* (see also fonds Dionne & Dionne)

Double Hook Books*

Eatz Encore

Farfelu Gallery


Le Fournil Bakery

Galerie de Bellefeuille

Henrietta Antony Antiques*

Hogg Hardware

(H.F.) Jackson Pharmacy*

Metro Supermarket

Nicholas Hoare Books*

Ohman’s Jewellers*

Park/Lavanderia Restaurants/Café Bazin restaurants

Le Petit Club (4 Somerville)*

POM Bakery*

Serge & Réal Couture*

Smithers Shoes*

Tony’s Shoes

La Transition restaurant*

WANT Apothecary

John Watson (Plumbing)

West End Gallery*

Westmount Florist

Westmount Land Company*

Westmount Stationery

Woven Gardens*

Last Updated: February 14, 2020

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