The new WHA archives, 2021


Monday, October 18 2021

After many decades occupying a small office in Westmount Public Library, the WHA recently was given the use of more spacious quarters on the second floor of Victoria Hall, the heritage municipal building located nearby. Not only does this new location offer more space for our expanding office activities and archival collection, but it also provides easy access as well as a comfortable and functional environment for our volunteer staff, outside researchers, or other visitors.
Packing and reinstallation of our collections and equipment was carried out by the WHA this past spring, with support from the library director and staff. Organizing the space continued slowly throughout the summer while the building remained mostly closed due to pandemic restrictions.
With the return of classes and other public gatherings in Victoria Hall this September, WHA members are cordially invited to come visit the “Anteroom”, as our new location has long been named. Please contact us at to arrange a date and time for a maximum of two visitors together. Vaccine passports and personal i.d. are required for entry to the building, and masks must be worn.
We look forward to seeing you!